Episode 43 – Explosive Mixtures

In this episode I discuss some of the people who’ve helped shape my own thinking on safety research. The second part of the episode is all about mixing things together to create explosions. There is a hydrogen/oxygen explosion, a water/molten iron detonation, and an AZDL / Persulphate blast.

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Episode 42 – Lightning Strikes

This episode covers an Iranian military transported downed by lightning, the Milford Haven Texaco Refinery explosion, and the dangers of blasphemy on a golf course. Lightning alone is seldom enough to cause a major disaster, but it creates a system disturbance putting resilience to the test. This episode also asks why there are so many different names for safety practitioners, and yet again plugs the Graduate Certificate in Safety Leadership from Griffith University.

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The post Episode 42 – Lightning Strikes appeared first on DisasterCast Safety Podcast.