Episode 39 – Boston Molasses Flood

DisasterCast has covered some pretty weird topics. We’ve dealt with pilot defenestration, spontaneous human combustion, and exploding death stars. I don’t think we’ve ever described an accident quite as strange as the 15 foot wall of molasses that destroyed part of Boston in 1919.

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Episode 38 – Zagreb Midair

This episode was recorded in the Safety Science Innovation Lab, and comes filled with thoughts about how we tell stories about safety. Do we even have theories of safety, or just meta-narratives – patterns of storytelling? What’s the difference between a story and empirical evidence? Of course, it wouldn’t be DisasterCast if I didn’t include a story as well. Two airliners, heading straight for each other in the skies about Yugoslavia. How did it happen, and, more importantly, how can we stop it happening again?

The safety course mentioned at the start of the show is:
Graduate Certificate in Safety Leadership

The post Episode 38 – Zagreb Midair appeared first on DisasterCast Safety Podcast.